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( And make those who don't know how to talk to AI yet shit their pants )

In 10 Minutes

You Can Feel

How To Translate Your Desire Into AI commands

By Turn GPT Into Your:





Here will be 4 clips

section 3

In 10 Minutes You Can Feel How To Translate Your Desires Into AI Commands By Turn GPT Into Your Personal AI Sidekick, Generating Creative Solution, Automating Your Task, And Making You a Goddamm Machine.

Want a taste of what I mean when I talk about:

turning the internet into your personal AI-powered brain

I'm giving you exclusive access to my  powerful system that combines the magic of RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) with my own hard-won secrets for turning the internet into your personal AI-powered knowledge base.

And it's not even the whole course, it's just a BONUS. We live in a crazy time with the AI ​​revolution

Tired of drowning in information overload?

Wish you could access the entire links wisdom with the snap of your fingers?

Here's the game-changer,
You CAN!

Imagine the following scenario...


״I'm launching a new product, but my marketing feels stale and generic.״.   

task: AI help me craft a campaign that's so unconventional, so goddamn captivating, it goes viral overnight?

יהיה חץ שמתאר בניית מאגר ידע שלך שקשור למשימה ונשלף בזמן אמת 

עבור המחשבה יהיה חץ ממחשבה שעוברת בראש לביצוע 

I'm negotiating a major deal, but my gut tells me something's off. Can AI analyze the contract, predict their next move, and help me get the upper hand?

I have a million ideas swirling in my head, but I can't seem to turn them into anything tangible. Can AI help me organize my thoughts, prioritize my projects, and unlock that elusive flow state?

from life style to task with the system of seceod brain

״I'm launching a new product, but my marketing feels stale and generic.״ 

I'm at a crossroads in my career. I'm successful, but unfulfilled. Can AI help me discover my true calling, identify my hidden talents, and create a career path that makes my soul sing?

בחץ אני אכתוב: תלמד את אמנות השיחה עם gpt בצורה כזו שהוא מוביל אותך ולא אתה מוביל אותו. אתה משחרר בשביל לקבל השראה שמעצימה אותך 

I'm haunted by past mistakes and limiting beliefs. Can AI help me rewrite my personal narrative, break free from those negative patterns, and become the best goddamn version of myself?

בחץ אני אכתוב: תלמד איך לייצר הקשר שיחה כל כך אינטימי עם המודל שפה עד אשר אתה יכול ללמוד על עצמך ולהשתפר בכל יום בצעד קטן

Don't ask yourself
"Do these examples help me?" but let them fire your imagination.

section 4

section 5

הערות: שיתאים לתצוגה של מובייל ויהיה רספונסיבי

Build a System That Works for YOU

Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. You'll learn how to create personalized AI workflows that align with your unique goals and style.

Unlock the Secrets of the "Meir Brain": I'll break down my unique system for crafting prompts that make AI your bitch, not the other way around.

Master the Art of Conversational Prompting: Forget "magic prompts." You'll learn how to guide AI through a series of strategic questions and commands, shaping its output like a goddamn symphony conductor.

  1. Build Your Own Private Knowledge Base: I'll show you how to create a personalized AI engine, fueled by YOUR knowledge and insights, to generate content, solve problems, and automate like a motherfucker.

Deconstruct and Mimic Masterful Writing: Learn the secrets of reverse-engineering any writing style, from Shakespeare to your favorite goddamn blogger, and make AI write like it was born with your voice.

  1. Escape the Tutorial Hell: This ain't some generic, step-by-step course. I'll challenge you, push you, and make you think differently about AI.

This Is Just the Beginning: Consider this your launchpad into the world of AI mastery. I'll provide resources, recommendations, and ongoing support to fuel your journey.

Unlock the Hidden Power of Language: You'll discover how the subtle nuances of words can shape AI's output and create a world of possibilities.

section 6

זה אני יעשה

Unlock the Secrets of the "Meir Brain"I'll break down my unique system for crafting promptsthat make AI your bitch, not the other way around.

להוסיף פה נקודות כאב כפי שיש בכתבה שזה קופי מבוסס ״בלי נקודות כאב״ על פרסונליזציה והזיות

I'm not just teaching you about AI
I'm teaching you how to THINK like an AI

section 7

section 8

section 9

The psychology of AI  System

Learn how to speak AI's language, craft prompts that resonate with its core programming, and get those outputs that make you shout

"Holy shit, this is amazing!"

section 10

Bonus #1 -  

Turn the Internet into Your Own AI-Powered Brain!

Tired of drowning in information overload?

Wish you could access the entire links wisdom with the snap of your fingers?

Here's the game-changer, You CAN!

I'm giving you exclusive access to my powerful system that combines the magic of RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) with my own hard-won secrets for turning the links into your personal AI-powered knowledge base.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Step-by-Step Blueprint: I'll walk you through the process, from curating your sources to building your digital brain, using tools you already know and love.

  • My Personal Prompt Library: Unlock the prompts I use to extract insights, generate ideas, and make the internet work FOR me, not against me.

  • Unconventional Strategies for Information Mastery: Learn how to filter the bullshit, find the gold, and turn data into actionable wisdom.

This bonus is ONLY available for a limited time. Enroll NOW and unlock - the key to turning the internet into your own goddamn AI-powered brain.

section 11

Bonus #2 -  

14 Days of AI Bootcamp with Meir

Tired of AI courses that feel like drinking from a firehose? You want knowledge that sticks, that transforms into action, that becomes a goddamn HABIT?

Then this bonus is for you.

For the next 14 days, you'll receive a daily email from yours truly, packed with bite-sized lessons, unconventional wisdom, and those "aha!" moments that will rewire your brain for AI domination.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Daily Dose of "Meir 3.0" Wisdom: No generic bullshit, just my raw, unfiltered insights, delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Habit-Building Structure: Each email builds upon the last, gradually layering those new skills and mindsets until they become second nature.

  • Beyond the Obvious: I'll reveal the subtle secrets, the "between the lines" nuances that most courses miss, giving you a deeper understanding of how AI REALLY works.

This ain't about cramming your head with information; it's about creating a new way of THINKING, a new way of APPROACHING AI that becomes ingrained in your very being.

Get Direct Access to My Brain 


8 Conversation Hacks to Make GPT Brainstorm For You

Stop wasting your own brainpower. I'll show you how to turn GPT into your personal idea machine, spitting out creative solutions while YOU sip coffee and watch the magic happen.

GPT Cyclone: ​​The Ultimate AI Battle Royale

Imagine two GPTs going head-to-head, generating competing ideas, refining each other's output... it's a goddamn brainstorming frenzy you won't want to miss.

Turn GPT into Your Second Brain (Powered by YOUR Knowledge)

Imagine having access to YOUR entire life's wisdom, instantly searchable, analyzable, and ready to answer your every question. I'll show you how to build your own personalized AI knowledge base and make GPT your ultimate thinking partner.

Dozens of Real-World Prompt Engineering Examples

No theoretical bullshit here. I'll show you how to apply these techniques to your business, your relationships, your goddamn LIFE - with examples so practical, you'll be using them before you finish the course.

Unlock My Secret Vault of AI Weapons

I'm sharing the prompts, the strategies, the goddamn cheat codes I use to bend AI to my will. Consider this your personal AI arsenal, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice.

Total Value:    $970

Get This AI Whisperers Course For

SALE 90%



If you don't feel a surge of "holy shit, this is powerful" within the first 10 minutes, I'll refund you AND buy YOU any course that you want in $97.

I'm that confident in my system.


If you don't feel value within the first 10 minutes, I'll refund you

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