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Heading 3 - the hock 
Meir Sabag
5 min read


What is $100M Leads all about? 

About the book

"$100M Leads" stands out as a refreshingly honest and practical guide. Unlike many books that promise quick fixes and silver bullets, Hormozi doesn't shy away from sharing his own struggles and failures. He takes us on his entrepreneurial journey, revealing the pivotal moments, hard-earned lessons, and mindset shifts that propelled him from sleeping on the floor of a gym to building a multi-million dollar portfolio of businesses.

> "Hope is being able to see the light despite all the darkness" - Desmond Tutu

The book's strength lies in its ability to distill complex advertising concepts into simple, actionable frameworks. Hormozi leverages personal anecdotes, relatable analogies, and visually compelling diagrams to make even the most intricate strategies easy to understand and implement. He leaves no room for ambiguity, providing clear action steps and practical examples that readers can immediately apply to their businesses.

Key Takeaways

  • Engaged leads are the lifeblood of any business: Forget vanity metrics and empty promises. Focus your efforts on attracting people who are genuinely interested in your offer, actively seeking solutions, and more likely to become paying customers.


  • Advertising is the process of making known: Your business won't grow by chance. You must actively let potential customers know about your products or services.


  • The Core Four are the fundamental advertising activities: Master these four strategies to build a sustainable lead generation system:

Warm Outreach: Leverage your existing network of personal connections to build relationships, generate referrals, and find your first customers.

Post Content: Create valuable content that attracts your ideal audience, establishes you as an authority, and nurtures trust.

Cold Outreach: Reach out to strangers strategically, personalize your message, and deliver value upfront to capture attention and generate interest.

Run Paid Ads: Invest in paid advertising platforms to scale your reach, target specific audiences, and drive efficient customer acquisition.


  • Maximize each advertising activity with "More, Better, New":


Do More: Increase the volume of your advertising efforts. Send more emails, make more calls, post more content, and run more ads.

Do Better: Continuously test and improve your messaging, targeting, and offers. Analyze your metrics and identify constraints to optimize your efforts.

Do New: Explore new platforms, placements, and strategies to reach fresh audiences. Don't be afraid to experiment and try unconventional methods.


  • Leverage lead getters to scale your efforts: Build an army of advocates who help you attract customers:

Customers: Turn satisfied customers into enthusiastic referrers by delivering exceptional value and incentivizing word-of-mouth marketing.

Employees: Train and empower your employees to become lead-generating machines. Document your processes, provide clear instructions, and foster a culture of ownership.

Agencies: Use agencies strategically to learn new skills, gain insights, and accelerate your progress. Extract valuable knowledge to build your in-house capabilities and reduce dependence on external support.

Affiliates: Build a network of partners who promote your products or services to their audiences. Create compelling affiliate offers, provide resources and support, and launch impactful campaigns to drive results.



  • Client Financed Acquisition unlocks unlimited scale: Design your offers and pricing to generate enough revenue from new customers within the first 30 days to cover their acquisition costs, allowing you to reinvest profits and break free from cash flow limitations.



  • Embrace the "Open to Goal" mindset: Commit to working until you achieve your desired outcome. Forget about arbitrary time limits or effort expectations. Set ambitious lead generation goals and work relentlessly until you reach them.


  • Persistence and consistency are key: Don't give up after a few setbacks. Advertising is a long game. Success often comes from relentlessly iterating, testing, learning from mistakes, and trusting the process.

What You Can Do Tomorrow

  • Define your ideal customer (avatar): Get crystal clear on who you want to reach with your advertising efforts. Create a detailed profile that outlines their needs, desires, pain points, demographics, and psychographics.

  • Create a valuable lead magnet or offer: What can you offer that will genuinely benefit your ideal customer and entice them to learn more? Craft an irresistible offer or lead magnet that provides tangible value upfront and makes prospects feel foolish for saying no.

  • Choose one advertising activity from the Core Four and commit to the "Rule of 100": Pick one strategy—warm outreach, content creation, cold outreach, or paid ads—and dedicate consistent effort. Do 100 outreach attempts, spend 100 minutes creating content, or allocate a specific budget for paid ads – every single day for 100 days. This commitment builds momentum, generates results, and provides valuable data for optimization.

  • Track your metrics and identify constraints: What step in your advertising process is causing the most people to drop off? Analyze your conversion rates at each stage and pinpoint the areas where you are losing the most potential customers. Focus on improving that constraint first, as even small improvements can have a significant impact on your overall results.

  • Implement a referral program: Encourage existing customers to refer their friends by offering incentives, providing referral tools, and making it easy for them to share. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to generate leads.

  • Start documenting your processes: Create checklists and standard operating procedures for each advertising activity. This lays the foundation for training employees, outsourcing tasks, and building a scalable system that can run without your constant involvement.

  • Embrace the "Open to Goal" mindset: Shift your perspective from arbitrary time limits to outcome-based goals. Set ambitious lead generation targets and work relentlessly until you achieve them. Don't settle for "good enough." Push yourself to achieve breakthrough results.

Alex Hormozi's "$100M Leads" isn't just about lead generation; it's a blueprint for building a business that thrives on a constant, predictable influx of highly qualified potential customers—what he calls "engaged leads." This book dives deep into the psychology of advertising, revealing the underlying principles and actionable strategies that make people want to buy your stuff.

> “It’s hard to be poor with leads bangin’ down your door.” — Hormozi family jingle

Hormozi emphasizes that advertising is the lifeblood of any business, the process of making your products and services known to the world. He shatters the myth of overnight success, highlighting the power of consistent action, relentless experimentation, and a deep understanding of how to leverage different advertising methods to achieve sustainable growth.

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