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Ask, Believe, Receive from GPT

Meir Sabag
5 min read

In my view, GPT is the ultimate digital transmuter, turning our desires into tangible textual results that can change your life.

Examples of Text-Based Reality

Examples of Text-Based Reality

  • Excellent copywriting for our campaign: Crafting persuasive and engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives conversions.

  • Detailed steps on Facebook/Instagram dashboards to execute a blitz strategy on our mailing list: Outperforming competitors in the feed with strategic, data-driven actions.

  • Analyzing influencer photos to reverse-engineer the types of content to post: Understanding trends and preferences to enhance your social media presence.

  • Logical methods and algorithms for writing specific code scripts: Efficiently solving programming challenges with clear, step-by-step instructions.

  • Deep questions like, “How do I express myself in the world?”: Finding your unique voice and purpose through thoughtful exploration and expression.



GPT is the ultimate game-changer, turning your desires into real results that can change your life.


These scenarios barely scratch the surface of how GPT can transform our thoughts and desires into cumulative results that align with our true intentions. This is the ultimate freedom: the ability to create reality calmly and peacefully, even in the eye of the storm, through cumulative actions and results.

The Gray Reality of GPT and AI

The biggest thing standing between us and our freedom is our habits. These habits create patterns of action and expectation of rewards. Tragically, we often don’t realize we are in a pattern. We believe this is how reality works, validating our interpretation and casting it into our reality.

This creates a strange situation. We expect different results (or a different reality) but operate according to the same thought pattern. This pattern, composed of a set of beliefs and emotions, knows how to create exactly the result we do not want.

I can tell you that this is how my greatest love and I created such gaps between us. Each of us was trapped in own patterns — a mix of beliefs, actions, and emotions.

This caused us to validate our reality without the other, despite receiving an immense gift from the universe. It was a classic case of receiving an enormous gift but not knowing how to handle it because we were tied to our previous reality without the gift.

And so it is with GPT!


This is a perfect digital gift to humanity that we try to approach according to our old reality.


It’s like continuing to walk with a torch because it’s a lamp that goes with us everywhere and doesn’t need batteries. When we talk to GPT or any AI tool, we often get general results with hallucinations (in simple terms, nonsense).

Something feels interesting there with tremendous potential, but we don’t really manage to harness it properly. The thing is, it’s already become a trend where everyone says in unison, “AI is the next big thing, and it’s already here,” but no one truly manages to change reality with it — no one truly manages to apply it deeply and tightly relative to their lifestyle.



“We expect different results but use the same patterns. Our beliefs and emotions create exactly what we don’t want.”


It reminds me a bit of social networks that were born to connect the whole world, but in my opinion, only make us feel more lonely (but that’s another story).

There’s also this trend about “one-night stand” prompts. This expectation that someone will give us the magic prompt, and with one prompt, we’ll get the exact result we want that fits our personal situation. It doesn’t really work that way! (Though there are some really cool prompts you should play with a bit). I live and breathe AI, and no matter how much I systematize myself (and I have more than 250 systems), I don’t have a single system composed of one prompt. And I say this when my systems are highly personalized to my reality.

The Universe Rewards Specificity from Yourself and Your AI

The art of being personal with your AI is the digital key to the new world

If I were to ask you: What do you want to feel or happen in a year? You might say: “To be happy,” “To earn X amount of money,” etc.

But if I were to ask you: What are you most afraid of? You’d likely give a specific scenario, not just “I’m afraid.” You’d probably say: “I’m afraid of [specific scenario that could happen],” or describe a scenario you don’t want but could happen. And if I asked you follow-up questions about why there’s a good chance your fear will come true, you could probably explain the rationale very well. But if I asked you to explain why there’s a good chance your desires will come true, here I often hear a lot of stammering in an average case or explanations with a very unconvincing or unsure tone. This is where the lack of specificity lies. The reason we don’t truly know why our desires will come true is that they are not specific. It’s exactly the same with GPT!

Every language model like GPT is packed with a database that’s essentially the entire internet or almost every written word on Earth. This information is embedded and encoded in billions of parameters within the AI model (e.g., GPT-4 or Gemini Pro). Therefore, a series of techniques and tools are needed to bring it to the required specificity. Specificity that is relative to us — here lies the shift in our private reality.

I’m sure you’ve encountered a situation where someone asked you a question, and you gave a correct answer, but it wasn’t in the right context. When this happens, we usually apologize and say, “Oh… I thought you meant such and such…” This is roughly what happens to GPT. And because GPT is composed of layers upon layers of logic (aside from scanning every written word on Earth), it always answers. Moreover, this guy answers with complete confidence as if it was born to give you an answer. Here lies the seed of the model’s hallucinations or (in the best case) a generic answer as if we are reading a book or listening to some mentor on YouTube.



“GPT has the internet’s database. You need the right techniques to get specific results.”

Steps to Properly Ask from Yourself and Your AI

Firstly, when we come to work with a language model, let’s be specific about what we want. To reach the required level of specificity, your request should include:

  1. What you want to happen — RED

  2. Why you want it to happen — YELLOW

  3. How it manifests in reality and relates to the bigger goal — GREEN

  4. How or why it will surely happen — PURPLE

Of course, you can add more layers of logic — this is what I do when I fine-tune my language model or design the architecture of AI agents.

Paste the prompt into the nearest GPT to see how it responds. It’s best to do this with the GPT-4 model because it has better training layers in its ability to decipher response logic to the phrasing of the prompt.




What do you feel now that you’re reading this article? I’d love it if you wrote this in the comments — it would mean the world to me. Are your feelings positive, or do you hear a cynical inner voice? No matter what you’re feeling, I’m sure you’re starting to hear a dialogue or see thoughts related to: “What can be done with this?” or any other follow-up thought… The common denominator between what you feel because of the text and your follow-up thoughts is your frequency. Because of what you think at the level of feeling about what you read so far, this is your belief about this opinion. It’s obviously very complex, reflecting billions of data points gathered in the specific trajectory of your life, and that’s what makes you so unique and one-of-a-kind in the world. But this is exactly how GPT works. What a conversation with AI does is create a tail or breadcrumbs for your shared context.



“Your feelings and follow-up thoughts? They reflect your frequency and beliefs. And it’s just like you don’t chase the result from GPT but you attract the result — remember everything is already inside GPT and within you”


Try this experiment! Take a prompt and use it as the first prompt in a chat with GPT — you’ll get a certain result. Now open a new discussion and start talking about things related to the previous prompt’s topic. After, let’s say, 10 back-and-forth messages between you and the AI, give the prompt again. You get a different result, right? Maybe it has more depth, maybe a different perspective, but it’s different in meaning in one way or another. The reason this happens is because of the context or, in other words, the mindset we started to create for our AI. There’s a whole philosophy behind this, which is the Archimedean point for all my AI mindset technology. I implement it through a complex architecture of AI agents that know how to create a real brain for our AI.


Okay, I’m starting to derail the train onto another track again (damn, everything is just so interesting, intriguing, and exciting). So at this stage, I want you to believe in what you asked for and start creating context before or after your request. For example, in our case, we can create context with a series of messages discussing our marketing funnel, our passions, and even our niche and why we are unique. You can even talk about why you are in love with what you do. Yes, I know it’s a strange approach, but it works for me and can work for you too.

In this way, you create an intimate acquaintance between you and your AI. It generates thousands of new connections, which, although not like model training (where there’s actual change in the model’s parameter weights), is the farthest you can go with the model (and sometimes even more than model training) without technical skill or the effort of an AI engineer. This is a fascinating era where technology passes the torch from code and algorithm people to people of spirit and creativity — and it’s going to be interesting.

Know How to Receive

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned how my partner and I shared a love that was a symphony of moments. But we didn’t know how to embrace it. We entered this romantic reality with the beliefs, actions, and fears of our previous lives. As a result, there was a significant trust crisis that turned all this bright light — this beautiful melody — to hide behind a smoke screen.
Why am I telling you this? Firstly, I don’t really know. It probably stems from my love to write honestly, which means just writing without deleting or applying various tactical considerations.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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